About Me

Well my name is Sarah and I’m obsessed with shopping at J.Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, and Vineyard Vines. I’m currently a freshman at WNE, studying psychology. 

I am an organized freak who is always organizing my desk, closet, and drawers. I love to watch Grey’s Anatomy and read Chelsea Handler’s books. 

In the future I want to become a neurosurgeon or a trauma surgeon. I think they are such cool jobs to have and I love love love surgeries. I love to travel with my family and hope to some day live in Boston somewhere:)  

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. We are SO much alike. I love all the same stores you do {if you just added Vineyard Vines in there it’d be exact} 🙂 I am also an organizational freak and I want to become a doctor too! If you love Grey’s Anatomy, totally check out the show House {on Netflix}. Greatest doctor show ever 🙂

    xo Paulina

    • I love Vineyard Vines! I guess I forgot to add it!:) what kind of doctor would you like to become? On Discovery Health they have a show called NY Med- omg it is amazing! & I’ll have to start watching House, thanks for the suggestion!

      • Omg that’s amazing! I could never be an oncologist I mean it’s an amazing speciality, but I could never deliver the heart breaking news. I also have a lot of family members who have passed from cancer so I’d be too emotional! I would love to be a trauma or Neuro surgeon:) and yes the show is amazing it’s real life footage:) Also there is a Boston Med and a show called Hopkins which is the same sort of thing, those were on ABC

      • I get that response a lot! I believe I will be able to handle it, I’ve always been good with people 🙂 I actually wanted to be a neurologist for awhile and then recently changed my mind {became more interested in cancer}. Okay thanks for the show suggestions! 🙂

      • Yeah but I’m all for it! I have seen a lot of oncologist and honestly they are so sweet and caring! My Dad’s oncologist sent us flowers and a hand written card about how much my Dad touched his life and when he died he was speechless. So I’m so for oncology that whole unit is amazing helping and guiding you through a rough patch! I think there is nothing better in this world than helping people. ❤ I hope you become a pediatric oncologist because it's such a fantastic honor helping kids with cancer:)

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