It’s Whaley Cold Outside 


Personally, I really love Thursdays more than Friday’s, I know it still means I have another day to the week, but it’s the excitement of the weekend that I love embracing! Normally Grey’s Anatomy and HTGAWM is on, but they don’t return until February 11 (Why Shonda Why!?) and they both kick off my weekend in the right direction. 

On Thursdays I also try to get as much work done as I can because over the weekend I will probably forget about it or not want to do it. Friday’s and Saturday’s I love spending out with friends doing anything, and on Sunday’s they are my chill days, planning my week out and just relaxing before another busy week! 

Since it was cold out and snow seems to be falling all over the place I actually wore long socks today! Normally I wear short little ones, but with the freezing cold temps I’ve had to wear longer ones:) 



Sweater – Gap! Isn’t it so colorful and fun!?

Vest – Target (I might be living in it:)

Jeans – Gap 

Booties – Toms! Aren’t they so cute!

Pearls – J.Crew

And last but least my favorite part of this outfit the SOCKS! They are from Vineyard Vines; How cute are the little whales?

Stay warm in this upcoming blizzard<3

-Preppy Sarah



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