Winter Plaid

Happy MLK Day and Monday! Did anyone do any volunteer work? I helped my friend unload her car, that’s about all the volunteering I did today:) I also write back my pen pal from a nursing home. Anyway it’s freezing out and I didn’t quite expect it! So I wore some cute plaid and bundled myself in a scarf and my pea coat. 

Also, I wanted to include a picture of my nails! I got them done in the Burberry pattern! My nail salon lady is amazing with designs:)


Wearing – 

Coat – Lands End (This year)

Scarf – Nordstroms

Blouse – Target (Old)

Jeans – Gap

Boots – Tory Burch

Hopefully everyone had a warm day off:)

-Preppy Sarah


2 thoughts on “Winter Plaid

  1. That is a lovely nail polish design! I have a scarf with the same print as your ring finger nail 😀 I am sucker for burberry print. Love the peacoat outfit overall.

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