Tops at Tory Burch

Tops at Tory Burch

Tory Burch skirt

Tory Burch equestrian boots
$475 –

Tory Burch ballet flat

Tory Burch backpacks bag

Tory Burch brown purse

Tory burch bracelet


2 thoughts on “Tops at Tory Burch

  1. I feel the need to speak Tory Burch boots. Three years ago I purchased a pair of her boots at Nordies pre-season sale. Those boots WERE the most uncomfortable boots to ever grace my feet and lower legs. The leather was just so incredible hard and would not soften–no matter what I did. After two seasons they FINALLY hit a level of comfort. Other than the Reva flats, I’m just not feeling the love for TB. J. Crew is another story. I just purchased my THIRD navy schoolboy blazer. I needed two backups–just in case! Nice selection for the fall though!

    • Thanks for the comment- I just purchased the boots at the Nordstrom’s pre-season sale too, and I haven’t worn them other than trying them on so honestly I couldn’t say how they feel. I do love how they look, and I was happy how they actually fit around my calfs because I have bigger ones (I’m a tennis player). But I’ll definitely keep that all in mind as I wear them. Did you ever spray them with the leather protector? Just wondering.

      And YES! I love J.Crew’s blazer’s they are so comfy that I can throw them on and just go out! I really love how they look and they feel. I have 2 of them, and I also have a few from Gap- which are also nice- but J.Crew’s are nicer:)

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