Maroon 5 Concert

Over the weekend my family and I went up to Hershey to see Maroon 5 play on Saturday night. Can I just tell if you ever get a chance to see them GO! Adam Levine is incredible in concert, he is very energetic and is all over the stage constantly moving. At one point in the concert it was so hot on stage he told the people in control of the fog to turn it down because he was sweating! 

I was really happy that he sang a mix of both old and new songs because I’m more a fan of his older albums, he sang “Sunday Morning,” which is my favorite song. We also had really great seats, which my sister got for us (well she ordered them) we were row 55 on the floor so while my phone didn’t take the best pictures of the band, I could see them perfectly! 

They played for roughly two hours, at first they stopped an hour into it at around 10 and everyone was bummed, but then they jumped back on stage and started playing again for another hour. I guess I should have said this in the beginning, but Nick Jonas was the openner- and tbh I only know two of his songs from the radio. So while all the young girls (and 40 year old moms) rocked out I sat and waited for Adam to get on stage:) 
The stadium was packed and I’ve never been to that stadium before, but they do NOT know how to properly get people in and out of the venue! The traffic was horrible getting just in the parking lot and getting out of the parking lot. I’ve been to many concerts and events before with more crowded venues and have not had problems like this, but that is one thing Hershey sure does not know how to do properly. I guess since I’m used to Philadelphia’s crowds and how we all are and act after sporting events, I wasn’t prepared for that. We all will run you over if you don’t move! Of course we will wave and scream “Go Phillies” if it’s a baseball game, but we want to get home after all:)

 Hopefully my phone let’s me post more videos soon! 


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