Cya Chase Utley

I’m really sad about writing this post, I was in denial for a while when the talk around SportsCenter and on Phillies news was about Chase Utley’s contract. I really REALLY can’t believe he will no longer be a Phillies player- that really hurts especially when I got to meet him and see for myself what a nice person he and his wife are. 

I think the city will definitely miss Chase and his wife Jennifer a lot! They both do so much for the ASPCA and are very active in the city. It’s going to be weird going down to a Phillies game and no longer recognize the second baseman. 

But, I am very happy for him too, he is going back to LA where he is originally from, he attended UCLA and then started playing for the Phillies. I also think it’s going to be amazing getting to see Jimmy Rollins and Chase be back together! The dynamic duo will be back in tack and that is something that really makes me smile. 

All I know for certainty is two things 1) I’m surely going to miss Chase on our team and 2) I’ll be buying tickets to a Phillies vs Dodgers to make sure I get to see the dynamic duo back in action:) 

***I don’t think the video is loading so here is the link


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