Jefferson Appointment


On Monday I had my first appointment with Doctor Stephen Silberstein. We had to be there at 7 in the morning, so I was up bright and early at 4:30.

When we got there the place looked dead, nurses and receptionist were still coming in. That kind of got me mad, like why am I here 15 minutes early as you told me to be and none of you are here. But, all the people were so sweet which helped my mood.

The receptionist signed me and started my file taking all my papers that I had to fill out along with my insurance and license. After that my mom and I went back to wait for the first doctor we would be seeing, a psychologist.

We waited for about twenty minutes, I was busy filling out paper work and a personality test. Finally a woman announced my name, the psychologist, and we followed her back. She asked me about my life and how my migraines affect them and then I was back waiting for the next step, the nurse. My mom and I don’t really understand why I have to see a psychiatrist, I’m not depressed or anything, I just get migraines.

The nurse Carla, was such a sweetheart, she took my picture so it would be on my profile and then weighted me and took my pulse, all the normal stuff. She sat me down and we talked about my sleep habits and other things. The nice part was I didn’t have to repeat myself because what the psychologist said/ wrote down was all in my file and the nurse had already read it.

A funny thing was the receptionist marked me down as a male so the nurse had to change that:) After that we went back to the waiting area to wait some more.

Finally Doctor Silberstein called my name and we walked back with him. From the start he seemed friendly. He had already read all through my file about what is wrong with me and asked me a few questions. (It seriously was nice that I didn’t have to tell my story multiple times!) He asked me if my migraines are more to one side which I said yes, the right side.

He did a quick exam and saw my over the knee leather boots and called me Kinky Boots:) he asked me if I saw the show and I told him I haven’t, but I would like to. For the rest of the visit he called me Kinky Boots:) Side Note I’ll have to wear them next time LOL!

He then wheeled on his chair out into the hall and called all these doctors in. He had nicknames for them calling them Goldilocks and other names, they didn’t know why they were coming in so it was quite funny. My mom and I laughed and asked them if I was special and they said I must be which made everyone laugh.

They were medical students and Dr. Silberstein wanted them to see if they could figure out what was wrong with me. They then asked me a few questions and he diagnosed me with Hemicranial Continua.

The medical students left and he asked me a few questions and the final question was if I mind needles. I told him no and he asked me to sit on the wheely chair in front of him. He told me to lift my hair and before I knew what was happening he stuck about 20 shots/needles into my head.

I felt a numbness feeling immediately and another feeling down my back that I can’t really explain. The shots in the back first just felt like vibrations and he asked me if I still had a migraine which I did. I pointed to where it was over my right eye and forehead and he shot about 15 more shots into my head. These ones hurt a lot more, stinging over my eyes.

He handed me a gauze pad to put over it because it was bleeding all over. I didn’t even realize that it was until I saw my mom with her hands over her face. I lifted the gauze and saw that it looked like I was shot with the amount of blood. I lifted my hair again and asked my mom if I was bleeding and she was like “Omg, it’s dripping down to your pearls!”

Dr. Silberstein asked if he made a mess to which we all laughed and I said, “Yeah it’s all over my pearls!” He laughed and handed me more gauze. Then he prescribed me a new medication called Indomethacin.

He asked me a few more questions, gave me a handshake, and told us to make an appointment in two weeks. All in all the appointment was awesome, I felt numb and very sore, but I’m hoping Dr. Silberstein is the answer to my prayers!

-Preppy Sarah


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