Cable and Plaid

Cable and Plaid

Tommy Hilfiger wool crewneck sweater
$87 –

Hunter tall socks

Circle scarf

Plaid and Elbow Patch Sweater

Plaid and Elbow Patch Sweater

Paige Denim blue jeans
$315 –

Hunter rubber boots
$140 –

Fossil watch

Linea red hat
$19 –

Tech accessory

Mix N’ Match

Mix N' Match

J Crew j crew sweater
$135 –

Calypso St Barth vest

Paige Denim white jeans
$300 –

Hunter rubber boots

Linea oblong scarve
$30 –

Seattle Grace Prep

So awhile ago I started writing a story about Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy. It’s my take on a totally different life in high school. The story is called Seattle Grace Prep and it’s on the app Wattpad. You can also search the title online and it comes right up! I hope people check it out because I enjoy writing and some feedback:)

– Preppy Sarah

Polo Friday

Polo Friday

Pouring Rain

Pouring Rain