It’s warm out! :(

It's warm out! :(


2 thoughts on “It’s warm out! :(

  1. I an MK purse similar to this one and I absolutely freaking LOVE it! — it is perfect for traveling too! I actually bought it at TJ Max for 299 instead of the regular price. Has multiple zippers to keep from wandering hands, four pockets inside, zip pocket inside big enough to fit a 5×7 notepad and pen, a Kindle Paperwhite and my Galaxy Note 4. Has a zipper in towards the body for a copy of a passport if you choose to leave your original back in your hotel room or a place to quick store your boarding pass. outside has a shallow non-zipping pocket. Inside I can comfortably carry my Samsung Galaxy 21x Camera extra batteries, backup charger, and my iPad. When I head to Nashville to visit the Parthenon and friends I will be using this in conjunction with My GoPro 3+ Black.

    Yes, I take my traveling very seriously and yes I take functionality very seriously when I travel. LOL. I have a travellogue Also, web and graphics designer so I am very connected to social media and technology and carry a lot of junk that most people usually wouldn’t. However, being a graphically and technology armed battle, I am stylishly prepared ;).

    PS: Love the denim shirt and white pants – cute and class 🙂

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