My Twinny!

I have a twin sister Rachel, she’s younger than me by well we don’t know! My dad says they got the time wrong but the doctor just wrote down a time because we were so premature.

Next year we will be in college so it’s going to be weird not being with her. I know I’ll miss her, but I think a little distance is awesome for us!

We are totally different she is going into Fashion Marketing and I’m going into Neuroscience granted I’m a horrible artist and she’s pretty bad at math:) we balance each other out.

A lot of things I’ll miss about her but here are a few-
-She helps we with my outfits
-She helps me with my hair and makes sure it’s all straight!
-We share clothes/shoes and jewelry
-Having someone know what I’m thinking before I talk
-GOSSIPING with each other
-Laughing at each other just because:)
-Her being a slob and me picking up after her (especially in our car!)
-She can cook, I can clean

We pretty much balance each other out some times we get on each other’s nerves- I love annoying her just by calling her name (she hates and says she knows her name- I’m convinced otherwise:)

She annoys me by taking my clothes without asking! It’s so annoying especially when I was going to wear the same thing the next day!

But we are very close, there are a lot of other twins at our school that fight all the time! It’s pretty crazy we just think of each other as sisters not so much as twins.

I will totally miss her messy habits and cleaning up after her I mean what will I do now!?






Is anyone a twin?

-Preppy Sarah


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