GREY’S ANATOMY: S11E1, ‘Tequila’

Loved the first episode of Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy! – not a fan of Maggie though:)

Binge Central

By David Oliver

OK, let me preface this by saying I’ve been a fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” since I started watching at the start of season three (don’t worry, I binged my way through DVDs as I quickly discovered my obsession). It’s the first prime-time show I really got into. I know it’s arguably fallen by the wayside over the years, but this premiere proved to me how much life this show still has in it, despite the tremendous void filled by Cristina’s departure.

Case and point: a season premiere instantly referencing back to the show’s oft-forgotten lore. Scrub in, because this episode was a doozy.

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