Baby Class


At my high school they offer a Human Development and Parenting Class aka Baby Class. It’s a half credit course and it’s a class pretty much on none other than babies!

With our first chapter done-a 90% on the test to be exact which I did not study- I’d like to take the time to mock the class a bit:)

Don’t get me wrong it’s a fun class you learn about babies, soon the Head Start Pre-School program will be coming in October and we will be observing them:) we get to take of them and pretty much babysit them for a class period.

Later in October, early November we can bring home the fake baby that cries poops and does everything a real baby would! The baby comes with a car seat and you get matching brackets so the baby knows you are it’s caregiver! It’s pretty high tech!

I don’t know if I’ll be taking the baby home for a weekend because it’s a lot of work and you get graded! Also my weekends are jammed packed so I just don’t know:)


Anyway back to present time- this week anyway- on Wednesday our teacher is bringing in a Teen Pregnancy Speaker. The woman runs a shelter for the mothers and helps take care of them and support there babies, also she is bringing the pregnant belly where you can try it on! Now you must be 100lbs. to do it and not have any health problems! You also have to get a permission slip signed!

I think it’s great that they are bringing a Teen Pregnancy Speaker in but in middle school they should really be talking about the birds and the bees not ok high school anymore. This is just my OPINION, personally you see a lot of young girls say they were uneducated so why not educate them in middle school. I remember given a pamphlet on what changes the male body goes through during puberty and that was “sex ed” for ya! There was no talk about how a baby was created nothing! I do believe parents should talk to there children but some children’s parents aren’t around so the school has to do that for them.

I just wanted to share this because we talked about the movie/shows “The Pregnancy Pact” on Lifetime and “Teen Moms” on MTV and had a big discussion:)


How do you all feel about this topic?


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