Quotes I love


This week has been off to a rough start- it all started on Sunday when I felt worse than usual with a really bad migraine. I stayed home from school yesterday because I could barely get my head off the pillow without the room spinning and my head exploding. Needless to say I needed a boost so I turn to my quotes that I have written on my desk and in my agenda. I keep quotes in my agenda and on my walls to keep me motivated during tough times and just to remind myself that I got to keep going on! I love to look at them because they make me smile and get my head to readjust into a better mindset:) Here are a few of my favorite, some fashion designers, athletes, and tech geniuses.

life-quotes_5557-3 Sparkle2 turned-cants-into-cans-dreams-into-plans wl247_2 xf9uok xxx_arthur_ashe3 your-time-is-limited-steve-jobs-picture-quote


I’d love to hear if you have a quote that you look at to keep you moving forward:)

-Preppy Sarah


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