Oh Migraines!


I’ve been battling severe migraines and vertigo for years now. The vertigo (dizziness) started when I was 10 years old, but the migraines recently started when I was 15. The recent combo has been so bad that I’ve missed a lot of school last year! I missed around 30 days, I took an AP Chemistry class and that added stress did not help either.

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In January after a while of struggling with my illness to no end we found a neurologist that would listen to me and help. He diagnosed me with Vestibular Migraines, and I’ve been testing out medications for months now. I test out the medication for 3 weeks then he ups the dosage if it doesn’t work then he switches me off of it and we try a new medication.


Nothing so far has worked the medication is for the migraines- not the dizziness. There is a medication for vertigo but it hasn’t helped me. The medications I’ve been on are Trokendi (all different dosages) and Nortriptyline again all different doses, I was on another one for a short time too but I forget the name. With the Nortriptyline the top side effect I got which was dry mouth it was horrible! My mouth was literally a desert no amounts of water could keep it dry, and Trokendi I have had a little numbness in my hands. The next route in medications is trying blood pressure medications.



The neurologist suggested I start Vestibular Therapy or Balance Therapy, I’ve been going twice a week and I can say it’s helped my balance A LOT! I have exercises to do too, head movements, eye movements, and balance things.



I start eye therapy next week too. My head and eyes don’t work together, so they think that’s what’s causing the severe migraines. It’s all so crazy and frustrating!

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Diet is another option we looked into I’ve stopped eating cheeses, ham, and other things that I can’t/shouldn’t have. It’s been hard substituting for it especially because I go to school I’ll pack a salad with chicken and vegetables. No more chips and no more Starbucks or Diet Coke for me:( I think I still crave my a mocha from Starbucks but if it helps my head I’m all for it. Now it’s rather hard to follow the food list to a “T” so if I have a sandwich I have turkey (I can have that) with no cheese and lettuce. Then I have popcorn it’s called boom chicka pop popcorn, a vegetable, a fruit no bananas anymore:(  and a Kind bar.


Food Triggers

Here’s the full list of what you shouldn’t eat if your interested this is a basic list, at my neurologist he gave me a longer list that goes as far down as herbs, and oils! Very hard to follow when you go out to eat a lot like I do!

  • Aged or ripened cheeses (examples: Cheddar, Gruyère, Emmenthaler, Stilton, Brie, Gouda, Romano, Parmesan, feta, bleu, Camembert)
  • Foods containing large amounts of monosodium glutamate (MSG). Asian foods often have large amounts of MSG.
  • Smoked, cured, or processed meats such as bacon, sausage, ham, salami, pepperoni, pickled herring, bologna, chicken livers, and hot dogs
  • Food prepared with meat tenderizer, soy sauce, vinegar (except white vinegar), or yeast extract; and food that has been fermented, pickled, or marinated
  • Pea pods and pods of broad beans such as lima and navy beans
  • Onions, olives, pickles
  • Alcohol (especially red wine, port, sherry, Scotch, gin, and bourbon)
  • Sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk
  • Hot fresh bread, raised coffee cake, doughnuts
  • Excessive aspartame (artificial sweetener)
  • Chocolate, cocoa, carob
  • Nuts, peanut butter
  • Certain fruits, including figs, avocados, raisins, red plums, passion fruit, papaya, banana, and citrus fruit
  • Excessive tea, coffee, cola
  • See more at: http://vestibular.org/migraine-associated-vertigo-mav#sthash.AX4veHK7.dpuf

 Other Alternatives

Other options I can try are acupuncture, Botox, and a chiropractor. I should also be getting a massage every two weeks because my neck, shoulder, and back are so tight because I don’t move my eyes without my head moving with it. So I’m always guarded if that makes sense!

photo 2-1Anybody have migraine/headache remedies? I’ve tried crazy things like soaps, lemon peels, different oils, and ice bands:)

Lastly, I found this on the internet and think this is very sad but true, my family does this a lot and I thought it was just my family telling me my migraines are just headaches.  The link is under the picture it has interesting facts about migraines.

I would really love to hear from fellow bloggers on any thing that could help that’s why I’m putting my diagnoses out in the open!:)

-Preppy Sarah


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