Joan Rivers

This week I’ve been in a mourning period, I feel like I’ve lost my best friend! I still can’t believe she is gone, she was such a lively person that I thought like Betty White she’d be here for another 100 years.

I just got done reading her latest book “Dairy Of A Mad Diva,” and boy I learned two things 1) that she is hysterical on paper to the point where you are crying of laughter and 2) she travels like a mad diva! Her schedule is jam packed for a 20 year old so for an 81 year I can’t even imagine how hard it is! I just posted about my summer reading

I don’t know how the show “Fashion Police” will go on I wonder if it will be canceled or what. She made the show also her beloved daughter Melissa was the producer so if they do cancel the show she is out of a job. Joan made the show though nobody could give it so the actors like she could, everybody else on the show Kelly, George, and Giuliana, are too nice! I loved the way she dogged the actresses on there outfits because they deserved it:)

Melissa and Cooper I am devastated for they lost there rock. Cooper, the grandson, would go on weeklong vacations with Joan all over the country! Melissa and Joan had a relationship that I think all mothers and daughters should have close yet able to laugh at each other, they were best friends and you saw that on there show, “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” That show was hysterically funny when Joan goes and redoes Melissa’s house when she moves in with her! The crap she does to Melissa is only stuff a mother could do.

RIP Joan Rivers and I hope Melissa and Cooper can laugh again soon!

My neighbor sat next to her on a plane to Mexico and said she was the sweetest woman!




-Preppy Sarah


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