Senior Year Here I Come!

School is literally right here- I go back tomorrow! This summer flew by so fast and now I’m really excited for my senior year to begin. I can’t wait to just be done with high school all together, I didn’t have a great experience- nothing from high school musical or the other awesome movies could prepare me for three (horrible) years of negative teachers and disrespectful students!:( Anyway I am glad that I am graduating:)


Ever since I was a little kid going into pre-K my mom and I would pick out a FDO or First Day Outfit. This year I went shopping on Saturday at J.Crew and Macy’s, I’ve been seriously very lucky when it comes to Macy’s, I found a cute dress and it actually fit! Then we went over to J.Crew (my happy place) and I bought a ton of sweaters that I didn’t need, but I loved! Also, I got another one of there vest in black I have the coral and the white vests and I love them- I highly recommend them you will live in them and layer them!


Now onto the actually first day of school I bring a notebook, folder, and two pencils, the first day you are basically just shuffling around getting adjusted to your new schedule and teachers. You need the folder to place important information like syllabuses, and the notebook to write down any school supplies you need to buy. There is no reason to go out and get six folders, binders, notebooks, etc. when in some classes you may only need a binder or a folder!

Be Prepared

I am know as the mom at school, I carry everything and more I am always prepared & on time! My motto is “No matter what be prepared for anything.” I have my mini emergency kit at the ready along with my other bag filled with band aids, Motrin, lotion, a tooth brush, hair ties, hair spray, a hair brush, ten dollars as my emergency money, extra pair of headphones, and my charger for my phone. Whatever it is I can say I am prepared- I have double sided tape if a shirt doesn’t sit right or I have a sewing kit if a button falls off. Lastly, a little TMI if your sensitive- but everybody comes running to me for a tampon so ladies BE PREPARED!

School Time

J Crew red shirt

J Crew vest

Tory Burch riding boots
$675 –

Jack Rogers thong sandals

Madewell backpack

Tech accessory

Burt s Bees lip treatment
$6.14 –

-Preppy Sarah

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