Summer Reading


Ahhh summer!! It’s almost over it’s bittersweet- on the one hand I go back to school, but on the other hand it’s my senior year and I love the fall weather/fashion! When the summer has come to a close I normally have a stack of books that I have read and loved and this year is no different; some I had to struggle through and others I loved and didn’t want to end.


The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

This book I struggled through reading, everyone will think I’m crazy because they loved the book and movie. I couldn’t get through it I don’t know why because it was so predictable or because I lost my Dad to cancer so it was just hard to read and relive it all over again. I still have yet to finish the book, and I have no interest in seeing the movie. Sorry to the lovers of the book/movie!



Bossypants By Tina Fey

This book was hysterical! The cover alone I was laughing at:) I don’t watch 30 Rock but I’ve always loved her. Honestly, I didn’t get through a page were I didn’t laugh-bottom line go get the book!



Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs & Hot Lights, Cold Steel By Michael J. Collins

I love medical books! Call me crazy but I want to become a neurosurgeon so any medical book is right up my alley. Dr. Collins is such a talented, funny, humble, grateful, and just a really outstanding doctor. I would love him to be my doctor if I needed an orthopedic doctor. He talks about how he was a construction worker and a cab driver and became a doctor! He went to Loyola University Chicago and got into there medical school, he inspired me to look there and now that is my top choice for colleges! I just loved this book even if you don’t care for the medical part read it because he’s so funny and down to earth! He now has 12 kids for crying out loud! 🙂

image image


Gifted Hands By Doctor Ben Carson

What an awesome book! I didn’t want to end it Ben’s story is like no others it is crazy how he went to zero to hero! I love the patients he took on because they were a huge challengeand most doctors had already given up on them but not Ben, he always had hope which I feel everybody needs! I hope when I become a neurosurgeon I can become half the doctor he is!



Uganda Be Kidding Me! By Chelsea Handler

HYSTERICAL! I watch her show, I read her books and I just can’t get enough of her I love her! She’s so funny in a bad way! I have the same sense of humor as her so through the whole book I was cracking up- and it wasn’t just a haha it was a full on tears in the eyes belly laugh! I highly recommend her books if you are traveling comedy books are what I normally bring on the planes and to the beaches!



Diary Of A Mad Diva By Joan Rivers

Hysterical again! Full on belly laughs! I’ve always been a fan on hers I love watching Fashion Police to see is on her sh!t list each week:) I’m so sad to hear that she is in a medically induced coma because she went into cardiac arrest:( I don’t know what the fashion world will do without this “Mad Diva!” Also, in the book you really get to see her busy schedule and I mean BUSY, she is an old lady with a packed agenda! I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a good laugh!



Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) By Mindy Kaling

I love Mindy Kaling’s outfits, I don’t watch The Office so I have no idea how big of a star she is. That being said I didn’t think this was as funny as I was hoping it would be, Chelsea’s and Joan’s book was much more funnier in my opinion. Though in Mindy’s book it had some really funny parts were she talks about what designers but non-white woman in for magazine photos and they are normally muumuus or ponchos! As Mindy says “Nothing screams I’m not American like a big poncho!”


Orphan Train By Christina Baker Kline

All I can say was this was fantastic! My cousin let me borrow this for our week vacation but I was done it within two beach days! It was beautifully written and it made me really think about orphans and what kind of life they had back then and now. If you want a quick read go get this book!


The Moon and More By Sarah Dessen

This is the last book that I am reading, it’s taking me the longest to read (since December!) it’s a easy read, it’s just that I got side tracked. The book takes place in Colby, North Carolina like all of Sarah’s books! It’s about Emaline, she has a boyfriend Luke but then suddenly things are just off between them so they break up she meets a new boy Theo, from New York; now she is wondering if she is asking for the moon and more! I always loved Sarah Dessen’s books they are easy reads and they aren’t too romantic for me!



Does anybody have good reading suggestions?

-Preppy Sarah


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