VMA’s & Emmy’s Best Dressed


The Emmy’s and VMA’s were this weekend- I thought it was weird how the Emmys were on Monday but whatever. I don’t really watch either of them unless I see somebody nominated or performing that I love. The VMA’s I feel is just so trashy and it’s no longer music it’s all about the tight outfits and twerking moves. I’m not a rap fan by any means so Nicki Minaj, Jessi J, and Ariana Grande’s new song doesn’t float my boat. I watch clips of the shows to see bits and pieces of it and I also like to see the red carpet outfits. At the VMA’s there wasn’t a lot of fashion chooses that I liked, BUT Katy Perry’s remake of Britney Spears’s denim outfit was weird! One time in 2001 is enough- back then denim everything was in but now-not so much! I love Britney so I felt that it was just strange that Katy would dress like this as a red carpet event anybody with me!? Lastly, the whole thing about Beyoncé- I’m not a fan(I’m like the only one!) but her just saying welcome to my world was a little much! Also bringing your 2 year old to the show? You can’t afford a babysitter?- I’ll just end it there because I can go on and on on about this!photo 4

photo 3




Now moving on to the Emmy’s! I watched the Emmys because Sara Bareilles was performing and I didn’t want to miss it also I wanted to see the red carpet fashion:) the Emmy’s were much better for my taste of fashion. There was a little of everything a little sexy and classy at the same time! I love Sarah Hyland- if I could get into her closet I would die! She’s so cute! The peach, red and, yellow colors were on everyone! They were rocking them last night, they looked great! Mindy Kaling, Sarah Hyland, Kerry Washington, Heidi Klum, and Kate Walsh! I loved then the nude elegant ball gown dresses- Camilla Alves, and Alison Williams! Katherine Heigl’s dress was way too old for her it made her look 70 years old but she does have that old timely feel to me so to each there own. Lastly, my black beauties- Sarah Hyland(at the after party), Ariel Winter, Kate Walsh, and the amazingly talented Sara Bareilles! Sara Bareilles was flawless her voice is just magnificent- I cried in fact when she sang Happy to honor Robin Williams:(photo 5photo 1photophoto 2


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