Doesn’t everybody think about there future kids! and life?- Or is it just me? 🙂

I babysit my neighbor Maggie (she’s seven) we go out to the movies, shopping and out to eat together and everybody thinks I’m her mother. The first time we were in DSW and I was trying on riding boots while Maggie was trying boots on too; the woman went up to Maggie and said “Are you having fun trying shoes on with mommy.” I was at first way too shocked to even say anything back to her so we just walked away, now though people should know that even if you see a young kid and a woman don’t assume that that’s the child’s mother!- I now just laugh it off and we play into it because it makes us laugh!

Maggie is seven and I love her age too,- you can tell her to go play with her dolls, or go get ready to go to the pool and she will do it. You can also take her out to a restaurant, I bring coloring books and we play tic-tac-toe and I-Spy and she is very well behaved, I believe in entertaining kids rather than just saying no when they start to get fussy. They have to learn how to occupy themselves and they have to learn that not every time will you leave when they have a tantrum. (Side-note this is often where waitresses ask Maggie “Will Mommy let you have dessert?”)

Maggie & I

Maggie & I


My friend and I always talk about how we would dress our kids, and what are kids names would be. I love looking on Pinterest at the cute little outfits for babies and kids of all ages- I personally think kids are the cuties at the age of four and older they are able to do things but they still depend on you for the most part and they can communicate with you!

I have a list of names that I love, I think my style will somewhat stay the same when I’m older- classic and simple. For the girls I love- Charlotte, Amelia(Mia), Lilly, Margaret(Maggie), and Addison(Addy). For the boys I love- Charles(Charlie), Noah, Nathan, Henry, and Dominic.

I’m a twin and I hope I have multiples (I know crazy), but I love being a twin, it gets annoying sometimes but I do enjoy my twin and our friendship, we have great times together. I want to have a big family too but I’m not going for the Duggars but, I would like maybe six kids.

My kids would all be dressed in matching everything or color coordinated outfits, Lilly Pulitzer dresses for the girls and Ralph Lauren for the boys. I love looking on Pinterest at the adorable outfits that kids can get away with wearing they are so freakin cute! I would shop at Gap, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, and other preppy stores for my future kiddos!

I’m one of three kids and my twin and I would still be dressed the same had it not been for the time we broke my mom’s heart on Mother’s Day and told her we don’t want to wear matching outfits anymore. She told us after wiping her tears that that would be ok as long as we were color coordinated for special occasions. Now in days Rachel and I have totally different style she is more into the 70’s style and I’m all about the preppy look.

Lastly, I’d obviously never have a child now being so young and unmarried but when the times right I can’t wait to have kids! I know there are a lot of responsibilities that come along with kids buts it’s so worth it when you see them smile or giggle.

photo 1photo 2photo 5 photo 4 photo 3

Hope you like the post:)

-Preppy Sarah


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