Senior Portraits!

I can’t believe I’m going into my senior year of high school, while I haven’t liked high school at all I do agree that it has flown by very quickly! I remember going to meet my advisor and all my teachers for the first time freshman year, I just really can’t get over that I’ll be graduating this year. I’m really excited to graduate I have a list of colleges that I’ll apply to come September/October but really I have my two favorites- Western New England in Springfield, Massachusetts and Loyola University In Chicago, Illinois! It will be tough choosing just one but that’s for another post!

My senior portraits were today, I was so excited until I woke up and saw that it was cloudy out and looked like it would rain! That was a big bummer my hair frizzes like nobody’s business once a drop of rain touches my hair it frizzes so I was already worried to say the least. For the photos you have to wear a strapless shirt for the drape picture, and then you can bring another outfit to wear for the full length photos! I was really excited to wear both of my outfits one from Lilly and the other from J. Crew!

As we were driving over to my school it started to rain like big rain drops so I had to run inside trying not to mess up my hair. I fixed my hair now it had a little wave to it and my old teacher saw me so we started talking while I was waiting. After talking I practiced my smile for my mom- she’s very picky about my smile saying it’s too fake and stuff so I had to make sure she was happy with my smile! The hard part is remembering that smile- if I could hold the smile forever I would but I would look like a weirdo!

The photographers took me and tilted my head and kept touching me! I really don’t like to be touched, tell me what to do and I’ll do it no need for you to touch me! It was rather awkward having a guy position your head and move your shoulders. I actually got dizzy from him moving my head very quickly! They also had me smirking- which doesn’t everybody love a photo of themselves smirking!? (Like what?!)

Finally, the best part of it I got to put the cap and gown on!!! Like HALLELUJAH I didn’t want to take it off! For those pictures I think my smile was huge- my mom won’t like it haha! She saw the last picture and in fact didn’t like it- she said my smile looked like the joker! Thanks mom love you too haha! Later in the car she said I looked gorgeous and better than those other girls, she just wished she could see the pictures.

Now here are my outfits I wore for the pictures- minus the Michael Kors!



My advice for class photos & senior pictures especially is practice your smile!! I wasn’t looking in a mirror or anything so I think if you see how your teeth lay that will help. Also plan ahead of time. While I was there two girls walked in wearing tank tops, you had to wear a strapless shirt for the drape so while they both could get there pictures done it made it difficult for the photographer to position them in a way to hide the shirt. Also, bring everything that you will need I brought lip gloss, a brush, and gum! Whatever it is hair spray, a straightener, bobby pins, or make up, bring it because you never know for the touch ups! Lastly, keep in mind the lighting is different and I would strongly suggest not wearing prints and not applying too much makeup it may not show up well on the camera lens!

-Preppy Sarah


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