I love traveling by train, plane, or automobile it does not matter I love going new places. I have this weird love of airports- I love the hustle and bustle of airports, the magazines, the buisness men, the fashion, and the people watching aspect of them. I love all different kind of airports to big, small, it doesn’t really matter I just love them!

I love this quote by Saint Augustine-“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

You can go to New York a dozen times and find different things to do every time. Long car trips are the best with family or friends because it’s always a fun car trip singing along to music and gossiping! Car rides make for the best memories- singing “Wrecking Ball” off-tune so badly that you all just crack up!

In my everyday life if I don’t look good I don’t feel good so even traveling I must look good. I always plan my outfits out from head to toe before going to bed especially the night before going on a plane so I don’t have to really “think” about my outfit in the morning. I normally wear sandals and I plan around my statement necklace and sandals that I’ll wear. Dresses for me are very comfy- same with skirts, a cute little cardigan with it and necklace and I’m good to go- fast and easy!

For my travel bags I carry two bags a purse and my laptop bag. My purse is normally a medium sized tote then I put an even smaller cross body bag with my initials on it for dinners. In my purse I have my little emergency kit along with my sunglasses, magazines, lip glosses, wallet, iPod, iPhone, earbuds, keys, gum, and my chargers. My laptop bag is always the same it’s the Michael Kors Jet Set Large Tote in red and I love it! I put my laptop along with my iPad and books in it and thats about it because I like to even the weight on both shoulders!

In airports I think it’s a must to first get a Starbucks, then go to a news stand and get candy, magazines and a bottled

-Preppy Sarah


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