It’s the summer time so it should be stress free and fun, but I feel my stress levels are up and my migraines/dizziness are really bad right now. There are so many things people say to do for stress relievers but a lot of them require time which I don’t have! I schedule everything that’s the way I love my life if it’s not on my schedule it’s not apart of my life.

I go to physical therapy twice a week for my vestibular migraine disorder and they always say when they massage my neck that I am so tense and that I should relax! I wish it could be that easy to just relax!

The only way I really know how to relax is to run on my treadmill which is nice to do but it’s hard because the music makes my migraines worse. I also love reading magazines, news, medical books, romance books, and Chelsea Handler books.

In physical therapy to help with my balance we do a little bit of yoga I modify it because I can’t put my head down or else I’ll get dizzy. I think it helps with my balance and it’s a good stress reliever it’s also easy to do! You can do it whenever wherever you are from a tree pose to a mountain pose! I don’t do anything fancy like Alec Baldwin’s wife but I do a little and it’s fun!

Other stress relievers that I should try are just breathing and journaling. I know the breathing sounds pretty dumb but if I can learn how to calm myself down and breathe I think it would help a lot! Journaling I could do before I go to bed and just write down my thoughts and how my migraines/dizziness were that day to share with my doctors.

Do you guys have any stress relievers that help you?






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