The 5 Least Flattering Trends

Love this!!! They are all so true!! Socks and sandels gross me out! Jumpsuits and Rompers never fit! You have to be tall, but not too tall (like I am (5’7)) and flat all over!(not me) Bodysuits I think are only ment for ballet class or a one piece bathing suit other then that do not wear it out in public!

Molly's Runway

I think people underestimate how great it is to be able to think for yourself.  Why is this important? It’s important because it gives us the ability to decipher between the trends that we love and the ones that do our bodies an injustice.  Here are five trends that we see in stores or magazines all the time, and yet I rarely see anyone who actually looks attractive wearing any of these trends.

1. Peplum tops

Courtesy of Forever 21 Courtesy of Forever 21

I love clothes that highlight the natural shape of the body.  Peplum tops do not do this.  They add an unnatural flare at the belly.  If you’re skinny, they create the impression that you’re not.  And if you have a little bit extra around the middle, they accentuate that.  Either way, you’re screwed.

2. Rompers

Courtesy of Forever 21 Courtesy of Forever 21

There’s a reason why these are always found in the sale/clearance section of a…

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