I have no idea what to wear to prom. I went out to a store and must have tried on 50 dresses but all of them were missing the wow factor. The women at the store and my mom loved a few of the dresses, I myself was slightly overwhelmed by all the tule and sequins. I’m not a flashy kind of girl I’m more of a structured classy girl so I want that type of dress for prom. I turned to my favorite store J. Crew and although they don’t have “prom” dresses they do however have bridesmaid dresses which look gorgeous! So above are options I have so far, on the bottom those three dresses are from Prom Girl, and XO Formals and the top two are from J.Crew. I like all of them except the middle champagne dress- it has way to many sequins on it for me:) The J.Crew dresses I love they don’t scream prom and they are classy and elegant. Stay tuned to more prom dress post until April:)
-Preppy Sarah


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