My Best Friend




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My best friend Jess, has been there for me when I needed to scream, cry, or rant about a crappy day. She is always making me laugh when she sends me E-Cards and when we are gossiping about people.  She has been my best friend since 4th grade, we played March Madness together, did book reports together, and now we pretty much do everything together, wheather it’s shopping in NYC, sun bathing at my pool, or driving around town for no reason we have a blast. Together we are crazy people who get annoyed at people and love to gossip about anything. She loves Channing Tatum,  I love Patrick Dempsey, and this is about the only thing we don’t have in common. We both love to shop and to watch sappy movies-although Jess cries, we love to look at blogs when we are over each others houses. Pinning on Pinterest is like our job we pin what our dream weddings,  jobs, and houses will be like. And last but not least she is my best friend because she is a republican and not a morning person, and I know she will always have my back:)

Love ya Jess

-Preppy Sarah