Duke vs. Georgetown

On Sunday and Monday I visited Duke and Georgetown with my family. Both were beautiful safe and good schools. Here is a little about each that I really love:)

I was able to take a tour of Duke and the tour guide Erin was awesome! I really loved duke because it has my major and it is small enough that I would be able to get to know more people. I loved the traditions and how the university was set up too. I love how in the beginning of the year your dorm mates build a bench with a logo or design on it and then when Duke verses NC State game is over and duke wins they gather all the benches together and burn them so NC can see that Duke is on fire. I also that it very cool that they having something called “tenting,” I’m order to score tickets for the big NC State game you must tent. What it means is that you must sleep in the tent for 2 months prior to the game with 10 people to a tent and 2 people must be their during the day. Their are different levels like 8 people in the tent at night and only 1 person has to be in the tent during the day but if you do that then you don’t get the best seats for the game. So I really liked the traditions and liked how the campus really had everything to accommodate every student. I loved how in the library there is a student who is studying to get their PHD and they will help you organize and construct your essays and papers, that would really help me since I tend to repeat myself in my papers:) At Duke you have to dorm their the first three years which I really liked too because I feel you can get to meet people and live on your on (kinda) and in your senior year you can still live on campus so I really loved Duke!


I didn’t get to take a tour of Georgetown but it’s gorgeous! I loved the area but they don’t have my major so I would just be taking a bunch of chemistry and biology classes which would be fine but I really what the school to have my major. I loved how the hospital was right next to the university so I wouldn’t have to travel far when it comes to going to medical school and stuff. I loved the surrounding area and felt very safe. I would really like to back to Georgetown and take a tour sometime because it looked like such a lovely college.
I will post pics of both of the colleges soon!

-Preppy Sarah