Heading Home From Florida

I have been in Florida since July 2 and I am not ready to go home at all! It feels like summer always goes so fast and I’m not feeling ready and up to having school anytime soon or tennis  which starts August 12. So I really think summer is coming to and end so I need to start/finish

  1. AP Chemistry Summer Assignments
  2. Play Tennis 
  3. Get Back Into a Schedule
  4. Start Reading More Again
  5. Working Out
  6. And Last But Not Least I Need To Go Shopping At J.Crew!!! (They just got their new fall pieces in and I’m super excited!) 

Does anybody else feel like summer is ending really quickly or is it just me? 



While we are driving back home we are stopping at two very amazing colleges that I would LOVE to attend because of their great medical programs, 1 being Duke University which I’m seriously in love with; and 2 being Georgetown University which I really like because a fellow blogger whom I love went their and shared her experience talks very highly of Georgetown. 



I’ll be on the road for the next couple of days and I’ll be sure to take a ton of pictures of Duke and Georgetown! 


Stay Preppy, 

-Preppy Sarah 


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