Selling Sweatshirts

I have a ton of sweatshirts and I really am not a sweatshirt fan so I want to sell them. All sweatshirts will be $5 and shipping will not be included so therefor you must pay for it. All of them are in great shape. Just email me at if you would like them. 







The first is a black hooded sweatshirt from Aerie it is a size Medium. It is very warm and comfy and kind of looks like a North Face Jacket.



I love this sweater because you can easily pull it over anything! It is light weight, lime green, and is an Extra Large from J. Crew. 



This sweatshirt served it’s purpose when it was freezing in New York and I didn’t dress accordingly to the weather. The sweatshirt says New York it is from the Roxy store and it a size Large. It is very comfy and warm and has a hood!



I got this when I obviously went to the Great Wolf Lodge. I love the raspberry color it has a hood and pocket and it is a size Large.



This is a Nike Men’s sweatshirt. I love the zip-up with the hood so I got the men’s one instead of the plain white one that they had in women’s. 



I love the Philadelphia Phillies! This sweatshirt is hooded and is a size Medium.



This is a hooded sweatshirt size Medium and says CAPTIVA ISLAND. It is zip-up and the writing is in navy blue! 

I hope people buy these sweatshirts! 

-Preppy Sarah


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