Rainy Days

So it’s raining again:( no surprise there. So anyway I really don’t like the rain it’s been raining on my parade! There is nothing to do inside and I never know what to wear, and that is a major problem for me. Even now that it’s summer and I don’t have school I like to plan my outfits out at night. So since I never know what to wear I have been looking for some ideas.


The dress is from Gap and it’s adorable and summery and perfect in rainy weather

J crew

Ok so since it’s rainy out I like to wear patterned shorts to up my mood so these shorts are from J Crew and I love the pattern and the pink of course!


So this is Michael Kors Trench Coat and anyone who does not have a trend coat; well you need to get this one! I love mine I wear it with shorts, jeans, skirts, and dresses and I just love how it look and it’s just perfect for the rain. So go get one!


So these are Hunter Boots and I REALLY need these I currently have Sperry Rain boots which I love but they are just the basic black so I want these red ones!

Hope it stops raining so I can get back to my preppy sandals and sunglasses!

-Preppy Sarah


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