25 Things About Me

Ok well I love how in US Weekly Magazine they have the section called 25 things you don’t know about me so I’m going to do 25 things about me that you don’t know about me 

  1. I love Medical TV Shows
  2. I love Hospitals
  3. I love Mexican Food
  4. I hate pizza
  5. I Love Airports
  6. I cant stand trying clothes on
  7. I don’t wear makeup only lipgloss or chap stick
  8. I Wish I was older so I could work in a hospital or do something meaningful 
  9. I hate the color purple 
  10. My favorite singers are Greg Laswell, Michael Buble, and Sara Bareilles 
  11. I hate wearing sweatshirts it makes me feel sloppy
  12. I don’t have a favorite season I think all of the seasons there is something I like about them
  13. I can’t wait to go to college and style my dorm in Preppy colors (Lilly Pulitzer bedding!)
  14. I love long car rides 
  15. I wish I was 1 of like 12 kids instead of 1 of 3 because I think I would always have something to do
  16. I love pickles the Jewish kind and the ones on sandwiches
  17. My favorite movie is the Princess Diaries! 
  18. I love Jessica Alba and her kids and husband are adorable!
  19. I love guys in suits with dark colored hair
  20. I want to travel the world and meet my husband
  21. I love staying up late, but I never have anybody to talk to because my family likes to be in bed by 9
  22. I want to move to a city but I don’t want to live their when I’m raising kids
  23. I wish Grey’s Anatomy was my life and I was Meredith
  24. I wish my name was Meredith instead of Sarah because Sarah is so darn common
  25. I can’t cook but I can bake a cake 

So there it is 25 thing about me! What are 25 things about you?

-Preppy Sarah




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